Motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death in children in the United States. The Kentucky Office of Highway Safety urges parents and caregivers to educate themselves on the proper selection, installation and use of car seats, booster seats and safety belts.

Child Seats and Booster Seats

Children less than 40 inches must be properly installed in a car seat. Children younger than 8-years-old and between 40 and 5 inches must be in a booster. Children younger than 8 but taller than 57 inches do not have to ride in a booster seat.

The Right Car Seat

Start by finding the car seat that works best for your child based on their age, weight and height.

Proper Installation and Use

Car seats, booster seats and safety belts have greatly reduced the number of fatalities, but they are only effective when used correctly.

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration statistics show over 90% of child safety seats in the United States are installed incorrectly. When used correctly, they are 71% effective in reducing infant fatalities, 67% effective in reducing the need for hospitalization and 54% effective in reducing fatalities for children ages 1 to 4.

To find a technician in Kentucky, visit NHTSA’s car seat inspection location link, call Norton Healthcare at 502-629-7337 or email with your city and/or county.

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