The Kentucky Office of Highway Safety offers a series of educational programs available for schools as well as the general public to teach about traffic safety. These programs are designed to appeal to specific age groups and drivers and to bring to light the issues that are of national concern on our roadways.

For more information email us at or call (502) 564-1438.

Vince & Larry (Crash Test Dummies) and Buckle Up Bear

These characters teach children the importance of wearing a seatbelt by engaging in lively interaction with elementary and middle school students. These costumes may be borrowed by the school for your event.


Rollover Simulator

The Rollover Simulator is used to give a visual representation of what can happen to motor vehicle occupants that are involved in a rollover crash. Life-size dummies are used to demonstrate what can happen both inside and outside of a motor vehicle during a rollover crash, both unbuckled and buckled.

The simulator must be run by a member of the Kentucky Office of Highway Safety and will remain throughout your event.


3-D (Drunk and Drugged Driving) Simulator

The 3D (Drunk, Drugged, Distracted Driving) Simulator are pedal carts that are driven through a road course set up with traffic cones, by an operator wearing Fatal Vision goggles or using a cell phone. This simulates operating a vehicle while under the influence of drugs or alcohol or being distracted. This program can be presented at middle schools and high schools.

The simulator must be run by a member of the Kentucky Office of Highway Safety who will remain throughout your event.

Fatal Vision Goggles

These specially designed and manufactured goggles simulate visual impairment caused by drugs or alcohol. A wearer’s normal perceptions are distorted by the goggles, similar to the effects of intoxication. The goggles are intended to convince both the wearer and those observing that alcohol impairment makes activities with known risks, such as driving vehicles, very dangerous and life-threatening.

These goggles may be borrowed and the program run by the school or event, or the Kentucky Office of Highway Safety will send staff to run the Fatal Vision Goggles program for you.


Ghost Out

The Grim Reaper removes selected students from the classroom. Each student represents a victim of an alcohol and drug related crash. The students write their obituary and a memorial service is held for the student body where each victim is laid to rest and their obituary is read.

This program is conducted by the school in conjunction with the Kentucky Office of Highway Safety.


High 5 Rural Traffic Safety Project

Across the country, fatality rates per miles driven is higher in rural areas. In Kentucky, more than 80% of the state’s approximately 80,000 miles of public roadway are rural roads. The High Five Rural Traffic Safety Seat Belt Program began in 2022 with a focus on improving seatbelt usage in rural areas to prevent injuries and fatalities. The program – which launched in Bourbon, Grayson, Knott, Madison and Perry Counties – features community outreach, educational programs at high schools, observational seat belt surveys and roadway assessments.


Sweet 16

A program for new teen drivers that covers the Graduated Driver Licensing Law, the dangers of impaired and distracted driving and the importance of seatbelt safety. This program is conducted in a classroom setting and allows student engagement in the program. Your school resource officer generally arranges for this presentation.